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3 reasons to NEVER eat this "healthy" food again.

3 reasons to NEVER eat this "healthy" food again.

I’ll admit, I’ve heard a few bad things about this “healthy food,” but for the most part, people told me that it was good for me.

So, what is this food, and why is it so bad?

Well, it is soy…

I know right?!?

First let me hit you with some science about why it’s not good.

There are two ways people eat soy: fermented and unfermented. Millions and millions of Chinese people have been eating fermented soy for thousands of years without bad side effects, but the problem right now it that here in the US unfermented soy is making its way into almost everything!

So what are some sources of fermented and unfermented soy?

Some common sources of fermented soy are tempe, miso, and soy sauce. These foods have been introduced to good bacteria that has made it much easier for your body to digest and use.

Unfermented soy can be really harmful to your body. In addition to being difficult to digest, it also is an anti-nutrient. This means that it will keep your body from absorbing minerals like calcium, magnesium, and especially zinc (all minerals that your body needs to function properly).

Unfermented soy also keeps your body from absorbing proteins. So will that just keep you from gaining muscle? No. Sure it will make it harder to build muscle, but do you know what other parts of you are made of protein? Well, to name a few: your skin, your hair, your bones, your teeth, and your nails…

And as if it isn’t already a nightmare, it has also been known to cause cancer and tumors in your liver.

But it can be hard to avoid it, if we don’t know where to look.

Where should you be looking to avoid unfermented soy?

Most vegetable oils, soy protein isolate, diet shakes, vegetarian meat subsititutes, tofu, soy milk, and protein bars are all places you need to be cautious of.

So PLEASE check the labels on any of these ^^ so that you can be healthier, happier, and more fit!

But, as always, please let me know if this helps you!

Til next time fam,



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