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You probably have too much of these FAT MAKING hormones.

You probably have too much of these FAT MAKING hormones.

Today I was thinking about some of the times in my life where the fitness thing wasn’t easy and I wasn’t seeing many results. I was in the gym for hours every week, I was calorie counting and eating right (at least I thought I was), but I still wasn’t any closer to my goal…

And I finally realize why!

So last week I was reading some of your questions and studying up on how I could help. There was one nutrition question that seemed to keep popping up, just worded differently every time:

What can I do with my diet to burn more fat?

Ok so first of all, you’re amazing for asking this. Not everyone realizes how important their diet is. Not everyone is willing to even work out, let alone exercise AND eat right. But I am so happy that you are.

But as I was studying nutrition the other day, I learned something MIND-BLOWING!

So your body has quite a few fat-burning hormones, and a lot of people talk about what foods can get your body to make more of those hormones. What most people DON’T talk about is that there are actually “fat-making” hormones…

And if you’ve got too much of any of these fat-making hormones, then it will be almost impossible to burn fat.

So what are these hormones, and how can you lower them?


So this hormone has very little to do with what you eat, and has almost everything to do with how stressed you are. When you get really stressed this hormone spikes and causes your body to store more fat.

Yes, I know, life is stressful for almost everyone. BUT what you can do is just take a few deep breaths when you are stressed, or even just make a list of people that help you relax and spend some more time with them. Taking care of this will not only help you to lower Cortisol levels, but it is also a good way to let yourself glow!


As you eat things with lots of carbs (especially sugars), your insulin levels will increase. The best way to avoid this hormone is by cutting out as much sugar as possible. A few hidden sugars to avoid are juice, granola, coconut water, iced tea, and even some protein bars.

Another reason Insulin levels rise is snacking. Eating constantly throughout the day will cause your body to constantly be releasing insulin. An easy solution for this is to stick to the normal 2-3 meals / day. Do this and you’ll drop fat like you’ve been wanting to.


Estrogen does NOT equal fat gain, but too much estrogen from your diet DOES make your body gain fat, especially around the hips :’(

So what foods have estrogen in them???

Well the simple answer is GMO. Many GMO foods have been treated with products that are very estrogenic. So the fix for this one is to make sure you’re eating organic foods. Doing this will keep your estrogen levels normal and keep your body from holding on to extra fat.

Now this may seem easy to some of you, but it may seem hard for others. So just start by working against one of these hormones, and once you get the hang of it, try another!

So give these a shot and let me know if they help you burn fat in the gym AND in the kitchen :)

Until next time Fam,