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BCAA's are a campfire!

BCAA's are a campfire!

Hey Fam, It’s Iulia!

Today we’re tackling BCAA’s: What are they? How do you take them? When do you take them? All of it.

Let’s jump right in.

What does BCAA even mean?

BCAA’s is actually an acronym; it stands for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. Amino Acids are the building blocks for proteins that your body needs.In fact there are 20 different amino acids, but 9 of them are Essential Amino Acids. These 9 are called essential because your body doesn’t make them on it’s own, so you need to be sure to put them into your body! BCAA’s are made up of 3 of these essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine.

So what do BCAA’s do?

BCAA’s are mainly used for sustained energy. Think of it this way: energy drinks are like a firework, where it’s one big blast of energy and then you burn out. BCAA’s are a campfire, steady and long-lasting.

They’re also known for curing your hunger. BCAA’s trick your body into thinking that you’re taking in lots of calories. This makes it so you can go a little longer before you feel hungry. Now you may be thinking that this is your golden ticket to leaving behind the extra softness that you have always hated. But I want you to know that the weight will only stay off if you pair it with a good diet and fat burning exercises.

BCAA’s also keep your body from breaking down your muscles when you don’t need to, and focus on starting the recovery process.

Another way that BCAA’s help fight the battle against fat-gain is they keep your insulin and cortisol (two hormones that store fat like crazy) level instead of spiking. The most amazing part about BCAA’s though, has to be how quickly they get into your system! You can see the effects in as little as 3-4 minutes.

How do I take BCAA’s?

The most common sources of BCAA’s are protein powders, most meats, buckwheat, and supplemental pills and powders. So far scientists haven’t seen a real difference between taking it via the powder versus the capsules. Most people need about 5000-6000mg of BCAA’s every day. Now you may be thinking that sounds like a ton, but there are about 4600mg of BCAA’s in 100g of chicken or beef and about 2100mg in 100g of buckwheat. To put that in perspective, a chicken breast the size of your fist has all of the BCAA’s you need for the whole day.

So let’s summarize

BCAA’s help with energy, muscle recovery, and fat burning. For fat burning - they work best when paired with fat-burning exercises. You can get it from protein powder, most meats, or as a supplemental powder/pill.

Hope this helps next time I’m kicking your butt with my workouts 😉


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