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Complex Carbs made simple

Complex Carbs made simple

Hey Fam!

Today we’re going to learn about complex carbs, what are they and why are they important enough to make it onto my blog. Ready? Let’s go!

Why is it called a complex carb? What does that even mean?

Carbs are organized in several different ways, but for today we’re keeping it just to simple carbs and complex carbs. These names reference their microscopic structure. Simple carbs are made from only a few different of the building blocks of carbs (monomers), whereas complex carbs can be hundreds of monomers long. Simple carbs are usually the kind of carbs that’ll wreck your diet (like that donut that seems to scream your name every time you start your diet).

Where can you find complex carbs?

Complex carbs are usually accompanied with lots of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Now, I feel like I’m talking to Mia right now, however, you need to eat green vegetables to get the health superpowers you need from complex carbs. Other good places to get complex carbs from are whole grain cereal, beans, lentils, plant seeds (especially chia). Now although some of these are super yummy, you may not be a fan of some of the things listed, but you will be after you see what they can do.

Why are they so good?

We’ve talked a TON about how insulin is a fat-making hormone that can end any plans you have of a flat stomach. Well that’s the root of the benefits of consuming complex carbs. These complex carbs have lots of fiber and have a low glycemic index (they don’t sky-rocket your insulin levels). This is because they release their energy over a longer period of time, which prevents you from having a sugar high and crashing (thank goodness). There are so many other benefits of complex carbs that I’m just going to list them out for you to save time:

  • Less sugar highs and crashes

  • Curbs sweet cravings

  • Keeps you full longer

  • Makes over eating a thing of the past

  • Gives steady, long-lasting energy throughout the day

  • Lowers blood cholesterol

  • Helps you shed those extra pounds that you’ve been trying to sweat off in the gym

  • Packed with vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system strong

If that doesn’t make you part of the complex carb fan-club, then I don’t know what will. Honestly, these carbs do so much for your health.


The most common question I get about complex carbs is if there’s a better time of day to be eating them. Really lunch and dinner are the prime time for these complex carbs, but having them for breakfast isn’t going to hurt by any means either. Some people just like to have simple carbs for breakfast because it gives them the whole day to burn them off.

In summary, just make sure you’re getting plenty of these complex carbs to help you drop your insulin levels, drop some pounds, and lift yourself closer to your goals. I also have a word of caution for you, as great as complex carbs are you MUST remember, they are still carbs which means you should watch how they’re prepared and how much of them you eat. Do this and you should be on your way to leaving behind cravings, mid-day crashes, and even that extra belly-fat that you’ve never been a fan of.

Hope this helps and I hope to see you at the gym 💪



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