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You can’t do pull-ups (or ride a bike)

You can’t do pull-ups (or ride a bike)

I knew you could do anything if you put your mind to it, but I didn’t realize how easy pull-ups can be if the right person gives you the right information and you put in the work.

This list will make pull-ups as easy as riding a bike... with training wheels... and a parent there to catch you.

[WARNING] This isn’t some “trick” that will do it for you. It’s a list of 3 reasons you can’t do a pull-up. So focus on how you can overcome these challenges and you’ll see the results rush in..

1. You don’t use your training wheels.

We all know that the smoothest way to learn to ride a bike is by training wheels. But what if kids never had training wheels?? Learning to bike would come with a lot more road rash, bruises, and tears. They might even quit because of how discouraging the pain is.

I hate to say it, but you’re that kid. Your muscles are just barely learning to do pull-ups, but you don’t ease into it. You just go for a regular pull-up and fail. You try again and fail. You can only take so much disappointment, so you move on.

But hey, don’t worry. I have the training wheels that turn pull-ups from impossible to empowering. Here are my 4 favorites!

  • Assisted Pull-up Machine- This machine lets you do pull-ups without having to lift your whole body. It supports your knees or feet and gives you a shorter path to CRUSHING pull-ups.

  • Exercise Band- This is an elastic band that hangs from a pull-up bar, you stick your foot through it and then it helps you out, (just like the assisted pull-up machine)

  • Chair- You can actually put your feet in front of you and rest them on a chair so that it supports some of your weight. This one makes it so you don’t need any more equipment if you already have your pull-up bar at home!

  • Lowering Yourself- If none of these suit your style, you can always find a lower pull-up bar and jump up to grab it. Try to jump high enough so that your chest almost touches the bar. Then, lower yourself as slowly as you can. This one is sure to get your back and biceps burning hot.

2. You try to pedal with one foot.

Ok, so I wasn’t planning on keeping up with the bike analogy, but it’s working so far so why not? When you’re biking you have two pedals and you use BOTH of your legs to push BOTH of the pedals, so why not do the same with pull-ups?

There isn’t just one set of muscles that lift you up, there are many. We all know that your back is the main contributor, but pull-ups even get your biceps, shoulders, and chest working a little bit. Not using these muscles is just as silly as biking to work with one leg.

The easiest way to engage some of these other muscles is to do pull-ups with your palms facing you, and your hands about shoulder width apart. This lets your biceps lift some of the load off your back, letting you see improvement quicker.

3. You try to go uphill in the highest gear.

So you know how bikes have gears, right? Well the higher the gear you’re using, the more difficult it is to peddle. The upside of this is that you go much faster, but since it’s so much harder you rarely use high gears when going uphill without doing it the wrong way. Slowing down, doing it the right way, and going up the hill in a lower gear is what will actually get you to the top.

It’s the same with your pull-up goals. You need to take it slow and do it right rather than just pushing and seeing how fast you can get to 5 pull-ups with horrible form.

So how do you do pull-ups the “right way?”

The most common mistake with pull-ups is that you usually don’t go all the way down (or up). You really need to make sure that you are getting a full range of motion: letting your arms go straight at the bottom and touching your chest to the bar at the top.

Remember… 15 bad pull-ups will never be better than 2 good ones.

But if you do this with your “training wheels” until you can do it without, your muscles will start improving so quick that pull-ups seem like child’s play…

… you could even say it gets as easy as riding a bike (Who said Dad jokes are just for dads? 😉)

Have a good one fam, see you tomorrow in the gym on my app!