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Best cardio to burn fat.

Best cardio to burn fat.

Best cardio to burn fat?

Today I want to share with you some of my thoughts and research that I found about fat burning cardio.

  • Effect of cardio on weight loss.

The mechanism by which regular cardio leads to weight loss is not at all burning fat or calories, but in developing the body's ability to form reserves of available energy for exercise. Such energy is taken from carbohydrates and stored in glycogen.

To make body use fat as a fuel, it is necessary first to empty the carbohydrate reserves stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen. That is why cardio for weight loss should be either long (at least 30-40 minutes), or should be performed immediately after strength training.

The most effective cardio for fat burning is long cardio with moderate intensity. Preferably fast walking on the treadmill or an ellipsoid, exercise bike, rowing machine or swimming.

In this case, fat burning and accompanying weight loss are part of the recovery period after exercise, achieved exclusively in the case of a general lack of calories in the diet. That is why proper nutrition and diet always take first place in the fight for a athletic body.

  • Cardio before or after workout?

Cardio before your strength training would be a great way to warm up! 5-10 minutes with 120-140 heart beats in a minute.

Cardio after workouts would work great for those who are trying to make their muscles more defined and get rid of belly fat and love handles. In that case more effective cardio will be circuit HIIT workouts.

  • Fat burning cardio after strength workout.

Usually body can’t burn fat and build muscles at the same time - an exception is moderate cardio after strength training. Low blood sugar (all glycogen was used by the muscles) and an elevated testosterone level literally causes the fat to melt. The duration of this cardio can be only 10-15 minutes - this is enough to activate the fat burning process.

I also would recommend taking Bcaa’s before or while you workout to minimize muscle loss.

I hope you find this information helpful and have learned something new! But remember - 70% of the result is your diet!